Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Tomorrow. AGAIN!?


Sleep was good but I feel bloated from this weekend of indulgence which isn't over. We're going to my parents place for dinner and I'm sure there will be lots of non paleo eats. I won't be that person tonight, since this is for my birthday.

2 eggs, 3 slices turkey bacon. coffee.

Need to go shopping and stock up of veggies for snacks. Gonna make Scotch eggs tonight for the week. I also need to bake something for someone's last day at work tomorrow. What am I making??? Do I bother making it paleo?

Made some GF cookies, from this paleo blog. They aren't 100% "paleo" because I used butter instead of coconut oil. Coconut oil is too expensive for this. Plus, I made it for a work function, and they don't care about that stuff. They turned out great, btw.

Pepperette, 1 cookie, maybe a spoonful of raw dough!

At Parents:
Appetizers, bread was involved, olives, party mix,

roast beef, carrots, corn, potatoes, gravy, bread again...

Cake for dessert. The best cake ever! I'll post it later.

Oh yea I had some wine and a strongbow.

I let all this happen over the weekend. But I'm back to normal now +100%. Going to sugar detox again and reduce fruit. My plan was to go to CF Monday morn.. but that definitely didn't happen. I was on 4.5 hours slee. Let's hope I don't work late tonight.

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