Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last night I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much meat. And paleo desserts. Like, seriously. I had a stomach ache all night .. until about 4am. I'm telling you, I never learn. When there are drinks involved, I am a neverending pit. It's bad.

Sunday. Deep breath.. A new day.

I had terrible sleeps all weekend, and it is ALL because of alcohol. I'd not drink but that would also be the end of my social life. And of course it is fun at the time.

mixed berries, a banana and some greek yogurt / french press coffee x1.5

My mom's beef cannelloni. Faileo, but I love my mom's cooking. I also had a tea with milk n sugar (black orange pekoe tea is just a sin in my opinion) and I never have it anyway. Tea with like 6 'blue menu' cookies. No excuse. I was just really enjoying them, OH WELL.

a hot pepperette, some spicy olives and a handful of semi sweet choc chips n sunflower seeds.

Pre dinner:
a date, few almonds and a taste of the new jar of almond butter. It tastes funny again! maybe it's just the brand.

Meatballs are in the oven, I'm having asparagus with them.
Yep, just made lara balls. they were ok. Sugar is crack, yo. It stops NAOW.

Crossfit x3 this week. I hope.

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