Sunday, March 11, 2012


Friday was a faleo day, I can not lie. This seems to be a new trend in my life, actually.

2 rice cakes, almond butter and honey. (I used to eat this often before the challenge), and haven't had it since then. / coffee


Spinach salad contained: chicken, beets, artichoke hearts, peas, roasted red peppers, cashews, broccoli... with a red wine dijon vinaigrette. I didn't bring my lunch twice last week.

Went bowling after work with coworkers. Drank probably 6 or 7 manhattans. Yeah that's right. And ate some of the crap that was bought for snacks. Typical bar/pub shit. I didn't eat too much as I had dinner plans at 9pm.

Dinner at Spice Route.
It's like the Moxy's of Chinese food. It's big, overly modern, 'too cool' for me. People had bottle service in booths.. like vodka bottles for 200 bucks. Totally not my style (this was a bachelorette btw). So I ate some Chinese food.. Not really authentic chinese food, but fancy Ho Lee Chow. It was good because I was hungry and drunk, but lots of sodium, deep fried stuff and of course I had another Manhattan.

Later had a pint of cider at a bar.

Then I went to bed and woke up with a hangover and 6 pounds heavier than I normally am.

Had a nice chat with Summer about my diet habits and my goals. I'm giving myself a second chance to bounce back... I realize it's a slow process, but I need to see results by the time summer hits. I'm not buying clothes until everything fits like a glove.

I skipped the gym because of my hangover. See? you lose with booze. I regretted it, and then slept most of the afternoon before my bday dinner.

2 eggs, turkey bacon and a sausage. coffee.

rice cake, almond butter, honey. This is not going to continue.

Went to Allen's on Danforth. It was great. Food was amazing, company was even better. I won't bother listing what I ate. My main meal was a hamburger. Few glasses of wine and dessert of course. I will point out that all of their meat is quality meat, I think it's local?? And they list what the damn animal was fed before it was slaughtered.  Which I think is pretty awesome. Go there for a quality meal.

Tea before bed.

I slept pretty well considering what I ate.

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