Friday, March 16, 2012

I am happy to be home this Friday night

I don't know why. Maybe the crazy busy week.. maybe I just love my house.

Today was a doozy, I can not lie.

2 fried eggs, cup of frozen blueberries/almond milk/cocoa powder-blended.

Half a sausage

1 tallboy Strongbow / Greek salad with chicken from the Firkin. Few fries of others plates.

MINI EGGS! like 3 handfuls. they are heroin and i have no control.

Snack later:
salami, olives, few veggies, 2 glasses of red vino. (advertising. shame) small cube of cheese. Wasn't worth it. - the cheese.

Greek salad again! with chicken souvlaki. had some of the tzaziki too. Meh.

Now rooibos and Six Feet Under. Crossfit in the AM.

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