Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is summer here??

It seems like it. Beauty out. I don't have the courage to be outside yet. I'm still in winter hermit mode. My plan was to go for a run. I would still like to, but my clothes are in the bedroom and jamie is napping, dont wanna disturb. I'll wait.

Sleep was pretty good, but I didn't drink enough water yesterday.

Almond flour pancakes. I made regular pancakes for everyone else. I loved mine actually. I added chocolate chips! I love CC's in my pancakes. Had them with butter, blueberries and maple syrup.

My cousin doesn't believe I enjoy my coffee black. I don't blame her. I never believed Jamie enjoyed his coffee black. I was like .. there is no way you enjoy that. It tastes like poison. But I only have black coffee now, and I love it. It takes getting used to, but eventually you learn to taste the coffee for what it is, and the bitterness becomes a craving. It's great.

Some chocolate chips. Fail. And a pepperette.

Summer is well on it's way. Its so so nice out. I can't wait for summer evenings and weekends. Chilling at the cottage... anyones cottage. My deck. Love it all. Summer rules and makes everyone happy.

5.45km jog. Took about 40 minutes. Not bad. It was glorious. The weather was PERFECT for jogging. I got warm, I wasn't hot. I could smell my summer jog sweat and it made me happy.

spaghetti squash with meat sauce marinara styles. Mazing. Turned out exactly how I wanted it to.
Magners cider while I cooked. :)

This is what happens when I run. I think I can eat and drink more. In fact, I am extra hungry. Running makes you hungry. We're going for ice cream and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

Walking Dead tonight.

I had a great weekend.

love you longtime.

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