Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I didn't go to yoga last night. Instead I stayed home and had dinner with Jamie. I did however, make an awesome steak salad. AND that bread I made turned out awesome.

2 eggs, 3 strips of turkey bacon. I wouldn't buy this bacon, but Jamie did the shopping. The ingredients aren't bad, not perfect...but I'd prefer bacon. :)

1 date, few almonds, large Americano.

home made gf bread w/almond butter

frittata and salad again. - salad contained greens, tomato, avocado and coconut chunks
3 more dates, few more almonds.

I can already tell I eat too much.

banana w/almond butter n cinnamon

Peppermint tea

Pre Workout:
3 spoonfuls of greek yogurt. So good!! Oh yes, and some pistachios. I was friggin hungry and almost bailed on CF.

Shoulder presses @ 45lb 3x7 / chin ups 3x3 slow let down. (I've FINALLY advanced to the purple band. Plus the red one. Maybe it equals the green but I was able to do 2 with just the purple. This is a milestone for me.


30 Thrusters – 45% push press 1RM (I used 2 x 12 lb weights)
10 KBS - 12kg
20 Thrusters
20 KBS
10 Thrusters
30 KBS

I managed to finish in 5:30, before all the boys - er - MEN!! Mind you, they were probably using way heavier weights. Still, I am never EVER first, and it was still a challenge for me. I swear I didn't cheat. Like, at all.  Burpees and man-makers... yeah I cheat cuz I fuckin hate them and they hurt my knees and I can't do pushups to save my life. Sometimes. Usually. Not these though. I sucked it up and pushed through.

Thai red curry  - chicken thighs, coconut milk, red curry paste (good ingredients), red peppers, garlic, bok choy and cauliflower rice. It was awesome. I am satisfied. Oh yes I also had a slice of my almond loaf. The loaf is small, btw, which means so are the slices. I had it with butter. MMM.

Also, a glass of red vino. Now I am having rooibos tea - I almost had another glass of wine though but I refrained.

I think I hurt my knee during the warm up - the rear leg elevated squat things. Seriously, my right knee hurts now. We'll see how it is domani.

Practically the weekend and its March tomorrow!!!
Looking forward to the crossfit party on Saturday. I'm gonna eat erryting! And we get to see everyone in "normal" getup. Cool.

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  1. Go YOU!! 5 minutes, holy that is fast! you are amazing. byeeeee