Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Feb4

Just made some 'paleo pancakes'. They're ok. Better than my last version which was all almond flour. I cut the recipe in half since I am the only one eating them. Also put some frozen berries in a sauce pan with some coconut milk and honey. good alt to maple syrup. The texture is really soft.. not so pancakey. They're much fluffier than my stupid almond flour ones. I'll modify this recipe in the future.

Today I clean, laundry, pick up my boots from Purolator. Get my Valentine supplies. Get some meat from the butcher for my ribs and the week. Tonight, I'll chill and finish Jamie's hat.. Yes I am a loser right now but I don't want to go out and spend money!

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll visit my grandma.

Weekends I don't normally do lunch, but we'll see how hungry I am in a few hours.

There is one week left in this challenge. So far, I've been great ..let's forget that week to Jamaica, shall we? However, I don't think I'll win. I feel that MA might though! go! go! go! I'd love to see one of my friends hit that jackpot, and she's been doing so great. We're gonna go take our measurements and stuff on Thursday so our weekend is freeeeeeeee!

I'm thinking I will continue another week with this to make up for lost time, just for my own personal gain. And I plan on keeping up with this lifestyle as much as possible. Let's say I'll be at 90%, with that 10% allowance for some cheeses and sweets here and there. And chips, let's get real here. And I promise I won't be picky when going out for dinner or going to someone's house, because moving forward, those occasions are special and I will treat them as just that and get over it.

Sorry, reen I've been slacking on the photos. I think I'll start a tumblr account just for that. It's much easier to upload from my phone.

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