Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Almost March.

Which means it's almost spring which means it's pretty much summertime. Suck it, winter. I see that sun blazing and I know the days are getting longer. You lose, my friend. You lose.

My sleep was ok. Not the best. We went to bed late because of the Oscars and because we had a nap mid day. I don't regret either of the two.

I never mention this, but as soon as I get up , I always always chug back two tall glasses of not so cold water. Even if I have to force it down. It helps get my digestive system going in the morning.
Coffee / frittata from the weekend (egg/sweet potato/meatball) / handful of almonds.

Large Americano - Black / almonds and 3 dates

Pork tenderloin, 3 or 4 brussels sprouts and some green beans. Poured a balsamic vinaigrette over top. Delish.

See, because of the sugar indulgences on the weekend, I want more sweets. Naughty naughty. I will avoid it at all costs. I'll just fill up on decaf herbal tea all afternoon if I have to. I have a banana I'll eat later.

Tonight I crossfit my ass off. This week I will be strict and disciplined. Trust. Summer is on it's way and I'm willing to suffer now if it means less suffer in the summer. I'm thinking I'll sign up for a run that happens one fine eve in August. Gives me plenty of time to train and build up my endurance.

Afternoon Snack:
Banana, cinnamon and peanut butter (natural)

Pre-workout snack:
2 chunks of coconut. Jamie randomly bought a coconut. It was good. Also 2 small spoonfuls of this awesome thick greek yogurt.

Backsquats like a muhfuh and some other ass kickage.

Salad with pork tenderloin. Consisted of: greens, tomato, coconut chunks, pork tenderloin, egg, bit of blue cheese, home made balsamic. It was really, really good and satisfying.

2 dates, 5 almonds / rooibos tea w/almond milk. This snack wasn't necessary.

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  1. Do keep me up to speed on this August run. I will likely do it.