Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wed Feb 22

I had an ok sleep, but I was still full from dinner when I went to bed. Note to self: don't eat such large portions.

1/2 a huge fugi apple, cup of blueberries (fresh) w/almond butter and cinnamon / coffee

S: handfull of mixed nuts / coffee / rooibos tea

Leftover pesto chicken spaghetti squash n kale. Not as much as dinner. Must brush teeth after although it won't take care of the entire smell. Garlic seeps through your pours you know. I'll be the stinky garlicy girl at crossfit tonight. Damn. Raw garlic is more potent than cooked.

S: grapes. quite a few. they were so good! then a choc chip lara bar. a green tea. and a rooibos tea.

When I got home, a spoonful of almond butter / a few blueberries

CROSSFIT it was great

D: 1 macedonian sausage from st lawrences. 2 small homemade meatballs. sweet potato, green beans. great dinner!!

PS I am dreaming of Europe again. Thinking Munich and Prague. Castle Roads even. Was looking at my pics from Berlin and I was missing Germany. And I know there is someone from Germany reading this should we go?? I don't want to go back to Berlin anytime soon, I want to go somewhere older. I want to see castles and old, old architecture. Holler!!


  1. I'm totally garlic girl aren't I? Meh!

  2. ok go to Munich then! Or Austria... Vienna, etc. Vienna's beautiful and OLD.

    PS Macedonian sausages are the best. I'm not biased in any way from being Macedonian-ish. ;)

  3. Narine you're only garlic girl when you eat too much garlic. I'm kidding I wasn't using you as an example in any way. It's just a fact of life and a pet peeve of my own. Probably because my mom would ask me.."whoa what did you eat last night?!" cuz that's how long it lingers.