Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6

Slacking on the postage.


B: coffee, ommmmmmmmm .. a frittata and sweet potates.

spontaneously bought a week long pass to Bikram yoga here in the beaches. Well I don't live in the beaches but I live more in the beaches than I do downtown. Anyway, I felt like I needed a good stretch after all the crossfit I did this week. Did I go three times? I think I did! so did MA. Nice! So I participated in a hot yoga class. It was a smaller class. It was fucking hot and disgusting and I almost passed out, but man did I feel good after. I might go again tomorrow or Wed. We'll see.

L: spinach salad with 1/2 can tuna, red peppers and almonds.

I ate the rest of my Lara balls. I goddam love those things. I'm gona make more. So what. And the countdown to the bottle of wine I'm drinking on friday is on!

Oh, my new favourite tea: Rooibos. SOOOOOO good. way better than crappy green tea lake water. I love Rooibos vanilla. Gonna have a cup now! Apparently it helps you sleep. I believe it.

S: slow cooked ribs, backed curry cauliflower and carrots.

It was a good weekend. Relaxing. God shit done and chilled out bigtime. Getting stuff done on Saturday is awesome because I can be so lazy Sunday if I want. Or go to a yoga class! Look at me drinking herbal tea and going to yoga and stuff. Who knew!?


B: 2 fried eggs, 2 strips of bacon, coffee

S: cashews

L: spaghetti squash and meat sauce. that meal lasted a long time! yum!

S: apple w/cinnamon and half a teeny avocado

S#2: spinach, the other half of that avocado and almonds.

Pre-supper (yes I eat alot apparently): 2 scrambled eggs a la microwave

Crossfit. Worked out like a mother---

D: leftover ribs, spinach, carrots/cauliflower.

Last week of the 100% Paleo ness. I'm keeping it up. I'll say at 85-90%. Thats cool.

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