Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Feb 25

Clearly I didn't rehydrate myself enough after yoga, I never do. Need to get on that properly. I woke up with a bit of a dehydration headache and dry lips. Shame!

The other night when we had sausage and sweet potatoes, well, Jamie made a lot of sweet potatoes. I decided to make a frittata with them this morning. So I fried up some bacon, put a bunch of chopped, cooked sweet potatoes and onions in a greased pie pan, whisked up 9 eggs and poured them over top. I chopped the crispy bacon over top of the frittata and put it in at 350ยบ for about half an hour. Oh yeah, I had 4 meatballs left too, and chopped them up and put them in it. It's just come out of the oven, smells delish. I'll let ya know how it is, but I'll assume it's awesome.

Update: it was awesome.

Had a banana with almond butter.

Went out for lunch wif me auntie and the james. I had a chicken club sandwich on rye. I removed the middle slices of bread. Ate that with a greek salad. It was damn good. I love rye bread and I know it's naughty.

Later on I had some friends over. We snacked on cheese, salami, pickles, olives, pickled pearl onions.. and I had a small small piece of bday cake. It was really good. Then I drank a lot of vodka.

After we got back from this bar (which was more of a club, and the last time I ever go to a place like that) we had chocolate chip cookies. Literally the best ones in the world, made by my longtime friend's mum. They are consistently awesome, soft and perfect. Also ate some crappy cajun mix peanut thing. Damn.


Woke up this morning, had coffee, and another cookie. Figured whatever. We went out for breakfast and I had 3 eggs, bacon, rye bread - again and homefries. SMACKING WRIST!

We just got home and I ate the last cookie. There. No more to eat.

I took a pork tenderloin out. I don't feel like getting groceries today. So I'll just make that with frozen veggies or something.

My weekend bender has officially ended. I was considering yoga today, but is it wise to go to hot yoga after a night of drinking? Actually, I have nothing to wear to yoga scratch that idea.
Wait, the binge hasn't ended. I had a nap. After I woke up I had some salami and cheese. It was awesome. Then I ate the last piece of cake. It was REALLY small, fyi. Whatever, still bad. See what happens when I get a taste of sugar?! I crave it and eat it. It's bad. This is why sugar is bad bad bad and I was doing SO great not eating it. ugh I hope I don't need to go through withdrawal again.

I read this to help me get over my bender and realize I will just move forward. I haven't gained 10 lbs, I'm good.

I need to step my game up like 100% if I want to get more fit.

Workout schedule this week:
Thursday-Crossfit or rest

Making pork tenderloin on the bbq for dinner with a side of green veggies and leftover sweet potatoes. Did I say this already?

The Oscars are on tonight. I plan on being full from dinner and not snacking. Back on track.

Currently drinking a rooibos tea. I still kinda feel hungover. Annoying.

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