Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday disguised as Thursday

I love Wednesdays like these. Tonight I can't wait to watch Modern Family and hopefull enjoy a meal with ma man since he's been working late nights. I hate the rain because it makes me too hermitty but I love to sit on the couch and veg when it's shit outside. Watch my fave shows, surf the net. you know, the uje.

My sleep was ok. Took me a bit of a while to fall asleep but pretty much slept the whole night.

  • 2 eggs, scrambled. 2 giant strawberries.
  • water.

  • like, a TENTH of a chocolate cookie from Tim Hortons. No joke. it was amazing.
  • rice cake w/PB and strawberry. Extra strawberry on the side. (I'm all about berries these days)
  • lil bit of almonds.

  • Leftover stew w/brown rice in it. There probably isnt any meat in it, most likely just broth, onions and a few carrots.
  • spinach salad w/egg/red pepper/walnuts/vinaigrette - a smaller salad than normal.

This aft... not sure what I'll snack on, but i know i'll get hungry because I always am anyway.

fffuuuh you dont even wanna know about my ribs ordeal. Fine, here.

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