Monday, May 9, 2011

holy no posts!

Ooookaaay, so I haven't posted in a week. Shoot me! I'll try and sum up the week without too much detail...

Tuesday I went to Jose's bootcamp as per use. Good shit, loves me my workouts now. Wednesday had a one on one training session with him, kicked my ass, felt good. Thursday we were supposed to have a work do in the evening but it got cancelled. So since it was so lovely out, we drank anyway. I had 2 or three pints of beer (BAD!) and like two glasses of wine later. Meh. Felt like shit on Friday of course, and I ate poorly on Friday. Not poutine style poorly, but falafel and some chips later. But not too many chips cuz I went to this other bootcamp which was fucking crazy. Run by this military dude who makes us do jumping jacks and shit. I hated my life but I am definitely going back.

Weekend was bad too. Sushi, nachos (made at home) then a Mothers day meal which consisted of roast beef sandwich fries... i don't even want to talk about it. But basically this lead me to a new challenge:
for the next five days, I will not consume ANY of the following...

1. Caffeine - let me tell you, the withdrawal from this right now is not pleasant. I had no idea i was addicted to coffee. I have a hazy headache, I was feeling nauseous earlier and almost fevery. I will not give in.

2. Sugar - in any way shape or form. I have rice syrup and honey. That is all I will use to sweeten anything.

3. Wheat/gluten - I don't NEED this in my life, I'm okay without it on most days.

4. Alcohol - I don't reeeeeally drink it daily, usually once a week.

5. Dairy - no milk, cream, cheese... NONE. so far so good. (day 1)

What I planned on doing was a vegan style thing this week, but I'm not sure if I will not eat any meat. I was challenged at a work function tonight (that was supposed to happen last week) everyone was drinking beer etc, there were delicious wings for everyone, nachos, POUTINE... omg but I wasn't dying. I was more bored that I couldn't have a brew. I ate a carrot stick and a celery stick. I dipped it in guacamole. That is all. And a soda water. OK I really wanted some wings, but I was strong and resisted temptation. I asked my colleague to just smear some wing sauce on my plate, or give me his bones so I don't look like a loser anorexic by not eating. He did not comply. But I managed to not get harassed for being a bird eater.

Day 1 challenge, DOWN.

I ate mostly fruits/veggies/nuts and legumes today. Fact. And this detox tea that tastes like liquorice. Maybe I'll have one now actually. Turrah.

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  1. Work stuff is the worst for temptation but you can do it! (waterboy accent...) But caffeine withdrawal is really hard. I feel your pain. Tell us more about your crazy bootcamp!