Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May day may day

I'm forcing summer now. Today I am wearing short pants, deck shoes and an airy blouse. I'm cold but I won't be once I am in the sun.

  • 2 rice cakes w/pb fresh raspberries/blueberries and a bit of honey
  • detox licorice tea - tastes like shit. I miss coffee. SIGH.

  • handful raw almonds, handful raw walnuts
  • bit of kale

  • leftover grilled veggies from the barbie - red peppers and mushrooms. 
  • baked kale.

I've got a banana and an apple for later. FML. I was researching decaf soy lattes from Starbucks. There is caffeine in them still, waaaaaay less than a regular coffee, but still present. I was close to getting one but I couldnt find online what type of soy milk they use. If it is unsweetened I may get one. BUT I want to defeat the caffeine demon. I will drink coffee again but I want to drink it on MY terms, not my addiction's terms. AIGHT!?

the withdrawal is less painful today. I am a bit tired still, and slightly hazy, but not as bad as yesterday. I soooooo want a coffee. Mainly because I can't have one.

Anyway, Jose bootcamp tonight, looking forward to releasing some anxiety.

Peace out

Post workout:

  • protein smoothie - just mixed berries, honey, almond milk, why powder
  • 1 rice cake, 3 strawberries, honey
  • few rice crackers

Caffeine headache seems to be gone at the moment. Thinking about what to have for lunch tomorrow
I'm thinkin a ... wait a second i'm not working tomorrow! sweet.


  1. I think you're gonna be hungry without enough protein or fat to keep you satisfied. You need it if you're working out!

  2. I'll probabby have a protein shake when I get home... it has whey in it. but... oh well. Im getting fats from nuts and healthy oils though.