Thursday, May 12, 2011


I had the day off today. Spent most of it at my gramma's nursing home. No one like nursing homes, I wish we were rich and could afford a home nurse for her at her own home. This makes me sad. BUT we did have a nice visit with her, she seems to be doing well (considering) and we took her on a nice walk (roll) to Dairy Queen. She got some new wheels, so it wasn't too hard rollin her up to the DQ. My cousin did all the pushing, I was way too nervous or that. I was having visions of gramma either falling out of the chair, or us losing control of it and it rolling away into traffic. Yes, this is my mind. But I held  my nephew's hand as we walked, so I did serve a purpose on the adventure. Everyone got ice cream. I didn't. I remained strong in my own promise, and it only makes me look forward to my next indulgence, because I feel I'll deserve it.

So, here goes:


  • rice style cereal, it's like a porridge made from brown rice. Easy to digest, no gas later. I put some almond milk and fresh berries on that shit. And a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon. GOOD.

  • Pear and fennel salad, with a cider vinaigrette, bit of rice syrup. It wasn't that good. I blame the cider vinegar. This salad tastes better with rice vinegar.

I stuffed an apple and an orange in my bag and headed to the nursing home. Ate the orange there.

When I got home, I had plenty of time to go to my hardcore bootcamp, but I was soo lethargic - prob from the caffeine bullshit - that I just had no desire to go. I'm sure it would have been fun too, since it was nice out. Oh well. I ate an apple with PB and a few rice crackers.

  • BBQ'd chicken with spinach salad and sweet potatoes. SOO good. I needed that dose of protein. FUUUCK vegan styles. I can live without dairy/sugar/caffeine/wheat every day but I needs me my meat and eggs. Sor-reeeeee!
  • Soda water with lemon.

I'm proud I didn;t give in to ANY temptations this week so far. At the work function, or at DQ. Normally I'd be like, screw this I want some. Nope. sticking to my word this time. Now that I'm off coffee, I don't NEED it every morning anymore. So far anyway. I do enjoy coffee, so I will have some eventually, but maybe I'll stick to decaf soy latte's when I'm clear of the addiction. Onwards and upwards.

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