Sunday, July 10, 2011

k missed a day or two


Coffee for breakfast

Went to Crossfit for my second one-on-one. Learning proper form. I hung from some bars.. like the olden days. Monkey bar styles. I had to hang there and lift my legs up to my chest. Fat chance. They made it about as high as my hips. But still pretty proud I managed to hang on the entire time. 3 or 4 sets of 6. Not bad for a first timer. I'll get better. I can't wait to get ripped. You should see MA! she's got some good tone and definitely noticeable muscles! good job guuuurrrrrl. so she is now my motivation. and if you ever read her food blog.. like I do.. she doesn't starve. It's all about balance people, balance, time and dedication. Keep up the good work.

After gym:
Smoothie w/banana/strawberries/almond mild and protein powder. Once that tub is done of the powder, I'm done with it all together. I'm with you, Nareenay, with the no more whey protein. It's all about natural sources of protein and I'm cutting back on the dairy. I've been good with no sugar. sort of. none in my coffee though! Right now it feels like there are spiders crawling all over me. I'm in the backyard.

Afternoon Dinner:
Portobello mushroom panini thing it had roasted red peppers and brie cheese. very greasy. fail. and a caesar salad. fail. I think i got bit by a spider! bastard! its the one i threw through the cracks on the deck, he came back for revenge! what a jerk.

Later after my much needed nap.
one cold leftover burger patty. home made.


  1. MA has a food blog too?? I wanna read! :)
    I'll share mine if she'll share her's!

  2. narine! I just followed you :)