Wednesday, July 6, 2011

well well well

look who decided to finally show up. hey it's me the slacker. ok let's do a little catch up.
I dont do my beloved bootcamp anymore. why? cuz Jose only left the country! so that also meant i had no one on one personal training. So no good workout since like the beginning of June. Shame on you! Shame!!! I've gone on a few jogs.. done some ab stuff. Nothing as good as bootcamp. So..since my fat is taking over my muscles, i've joined another gym. It's a crossfit, and i'm going (most of the time hopefully) with my dear friend MA. Sorry Narine, you're out! haha i kid. I wish i could still do bootcamp with narine too. but it is not possible at this time. so this one is a bit more hardcore and a bit more intimate. it's slightly different from jose's camp. There is a nutritional aspect of it and i know they will try and push (good god.. not the word..) PALEO on me. shah, i don't hate it that much. maybe i just hate that its a new fad.. come on it is. just like the zone and all that. but i do understand how it works and why it works. I could live most of my life that way but there are things i wont give up forever. sorry cavemen.

ok. now back to reality here.


  • banana blueberry smoothie
  • coffee with cream. trying to nix the sugar at lease
  • Iced soy coffee half sweet from starfucks. meh.
  • some almonds
  • strawberries
  • homemade peanut sauce chicken thighs with peas, bok choy and spinach. good shit. sometimes i wanted to gag on the chickeny ness of it, but it was tasty nonetheless
  • iced herbal tea with honey. it was refreshing.
  • some of those flat breads, you know the long ones. i forget the brand
  • homemade lean hamburgers / no bun / spinach / asparagus / red pepper / half a pickle / gruyere cheese / a few garlic stuffed olives
  • soda water with a small splash of tropical fruit juice and lemon juice. fail. good tho.
  • corn on the cob, bitch!! with butter and s/p. so what.

so i'm pretty good with cutting out carbs oh shit i just remembered after dinner i had a rice cake with pb and raspberries. i dunno why, just did.

so, thats it folks. i'll keep up with this shit. maybe i'll get creative like reen and add some pics. it makes it more interesting thats for sure. hey narine i hate that tutu guy. like, i cant tell if he's fake crazy, just annoying, or real crazy. that is all. he cant have a job. theres no way. well he probably has some odd job like a novel reader or some sort of weird collector of tap shoes or some shit. thats it byeeeeeee

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  1. try not to think about the dreaded P word too much... haha

    in my world, there will always be room for ice cream. And there are some pretty good *p* cookie recipes out there!