Sunday, June 5, 2011


yes i am a zombie.
no i'm not. but helloooo here i am! I haven't been updating my food sitch much, so you should know i've gained 15lbs because of it. nah just kidding. I look the friggen same. I am absolutely not catching up, all I can do is move forward from here.
Last night I drank and got drunk with my friends. a bazillion calories there. ok maybe not, it was all vodka soders. and then when we got home i ate three slices of pizza and hit the sack. I was hungry and it was good. Suck it up sister. This morning we went out for breakfast and I had 3 eggs, slices of bacon, some rye bread and coffee.


  • rice crackers. greek yogurt. like a few dips.

went for a walk to the g-store. bought some fresh buns for the lezby burgers were gonna have for dinner (veggie burgs). Also picked up two big racks of ribs. They were 5 bucks each, guy!! Next time I will slow cook the shit out of those bad boys and they will be amazeballs.

  • 1 home made mojito a la james. good shit. did i need that? hell no. 
  • 1 vag burg. it was good. low fat, but ya know what, meat is better. because i know it is meat and not a mash up of soy this soy that blablabla. cheese/pickles/tomatoes were on that mofo
  • sweet potatoes.

Dessert (yea thats right)
  • teeny tiger tail ice cream. from the freezer. ok thank god that tub is gone.

Now i am chugging some delicious cold water and goon watch The Killing at 10. it;s a good show, Reen. watch it.

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  1. I need to try a proper scoop of Tiger Tail...for rrrrls.