Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday April 27, 2011.

Yes, it is totally not the 27th.

I was going to go for a run but it is raining and I hate running in the rain. I have a treadmill but that is even worse than running in the rain.

2 plain rice cakes with an (small) avocado smooshed on them. Squeeze of lemon juice. Salt and Pepper
Mug of coffee (some 5% cream and one teaspoon of sugar)

I'll be going to my brothers for dinner which means I'll be eating some sort of meat and other delicious things. Will get back to you later.


Ok back with the results of the rest of the day..

Cheddar Cheese bagel with butter from Tim Hortons (ok rarely do I ever get this and I've never had it before even)
Coffee with cream and sugar

Onto Brother's feast at his place.

Some chips and Dip. What.
Can of light beer. A tall can but not the whole thing. SIGH.
2 Chocolate eggs. The small ones.
Home made Hamburger. On a bun with stuff on it. Usual type stuff, no cheese.
Sweet potatoes - prepared in an unhealthy way
Stuffing, like two scoops
Snap peas - also prepared slightly unhealthy - butter was involved
Salad. Frigging Kraft vinaigrette dressing.

Dessert (yea that's right)
Small piece of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.
Coffee. Again.

F-U weekend.

Oh yea, I just ate like 9 Hot Tamales. Big whoop.

So if my calculations are correct, I consumed about a zillion calories today and a thousand grams of fat.

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