Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday April 27

Well well well... look who decided to finally show up, WEDNESDAY!

Had a hard time falling asleep (no surprise here) and a hard time waking up (also no surprise)

  • 2 eggs, scrambled. Both yolks this time. Don't care.
  • some goat cheese sprinkled on that shit.

Walked like, 1km or so. To and from City Hall. So far I've had a tea and a coffee.

  • Beef brisket sandwich on an onion bun. Horseradish and mayo on it. 
  • Side greek salad.

I was craving this type of sandwich since.. last night. Satisfied it. I'm good now for a while. Back to not really eating bread as of... nnnnnnow.

Fine, I just ate two squares of a ridor sport, (chocolate) if you MUST know. sigh.

Dinner will most likely be a salad or a protein shake. Or both.

IF IT IS NOT RAINING I will run tonight. Prob 6k. Maybe more. The 10k race is on Sunday. So what who cares.

Great. now I have to tell you that I just ate a handful of ketchup chips. THIS, my friends, is my weakness. And no, I won't say no to ketchup chips because they are my absolute favourite and if I die tomorrow at least I ate ketchup chips on my last day on earth. hooray validation!

  • Protein smoothie - frozen blueberries, whey protein powder and some probiotic yogurt. vanilla.
  • salad - one hard boiled egg, half an avocado, goat cheese, half a tomato, raw pumpkin seeds olive oil/cider vinaigrette (home made) some rice crackers.
Sleep was ok, took a bit to fall asleep but oh well.

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