Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday April 28

  • Protein smoothie - small banana, froz strawberries/blueberries, whey powder, probiotic vanilla yogurt.

Please note my glutes are still kinda hurting from Tuesday's workout. Good sign?

Morning Snack:
  • 1 Hard boiled egg dipped in some roasted red pepper sauce
  • half of a low fat apple muffin from Starbucks. Gluten-free lifestyle trial FAIL.
  • Decaf green tea - plain. Weening myself off the additional cups of coffee throughout the day.

  • Salad w/hard boiled egg (loves me my eggs) half an avocado, half a tomato. need to find dressing.
  • will probably need more food.
Bootcamp tonight. Thinking it will be upper body. Gonna kill it! And you know what? I don't want another goddam smoothie for dinner! fuck that! This is all so frustrating. Eat too much: get fat. Eat too little: store fat. WTF am I supposed to do here? I know there is the "eat for your metabolic type" thing, I understand our ancestors ate according to the sun and all that shit. But hey guess what, my ancestors are from France and the UK and all those bastards eat is fucking baguettes cheese potatoes and wine! ok that's a bit racist or whatever, but its true. They like their butter, they like their quality meats and cheeses.. so, gimme a break here. EVERYONE's ancestors were cavemen and therefore we should all be eating like cavemen. But you should probably know, my family most likely goes back to beginning of time because we like to carry fat around and we probably survived all the goddam ice ages and starvation times because of the genetic fatness. So, people who are naturally thin..? yea you over there? you are not ancient like me and my people. you are of the new human race therefore your genes are the ones that are fucked, not mine. So, enjoy your burgers and fries, your insides look like shit, at least I can see the fat I store. Yours is all around your organs waiting to stop your heart.

Whoa, I'm mad.

  • Just had a chai tea with some soy milk in it. Laaaame.
  • and 5 crackers. I need more food.

Here we go.
  • Just ate 70% of a raisin tea biscuit from Tim Hortons.
  • 1 Timbit.
  • ...
  • 5 Tortilla Chips.
now i am gearing up for bootycamp. holllaaa


  • only the best stir fry evaaar! - all veggies, some water chestnuts, soy sauce, peanut butter, bit of honey, bit of vinegar, ceyenne pepper
  • lentils 
My dinner was amazing. It was hot and delicious. Ok i had a handful of trail mix type shit while i was cooking cuz i was starvin marvin.

PS I am listening to Best Coast right now. Totally forgot how much I love this album.


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  2. You are gonna kill it and be so strong!!