Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday April 24

Good Day. It is gloomy out. What else is new. Yes I know it was nice out yesterday but that is not enough for this cat.


  • Protein infused smoothie. Contained half a banana, some frozen strawberries and a few tablespoons of vanilla probiotic yogurt. Water. The protein powder is this. The first one on the page. (I hate these body building sites, they're super tacky and way too mannish all the time.)
  • A plain rice cake with all-natural* peanut butter. *I always use all natural nut butters so I won't say "all natural" anymore.
I am about to go for a 5 or 6k run. I have no real excuse not to go. I've had a case of the lazies since Friday so I better burn SOME calories ferpeetsake.

When I get back I plan on having some cucumbers with cheese. Maybe a hard boiled egg. Then making green curry for dinner. With chicken thighs. Probably no rice. We'll see. Ok fine maybe some brown rice.

Peace out.

Hey I'm back. I ran 6k. F'real.

My lunch:

  • bout half a cucumber, some goat cheese and two hard boiled eggs. 
  • 2 rice crackers
  • some sweet/spicy sauce to dip the eggs in
Like I said, dinner will be home made thai green curry. When I say "home made" I mean this:

It's good shit. I may or may not make my rice in coconut milk. Kinda fatty fatty two by four, but good fats, n'est pas?

K. Taa for now. 

Back again. Ok after my curry with brown rice and spinach, we went to get ice cream. You heard correctly. And not just "some" ice cream, only the two largest scoops of ice cream I've ever had! It took me a kilometer to eat it. Walking. So we walked 2k to get the ice cream in total. Probably burned off a bite of that shit. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

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