Friday, April 29, 2011

FRIDAY April 29

You know what I like? Dried apple bits. And Fridays.

  • protein smoothie - banana/strawberries, few blobs of Greek yogurt
  • one rice cake with PB and Jam. mmm.

  • Tall Americano with cream/raw sugar. Yea caffeine weening fail.
  • Some trail mix stuff - dried fruits/nuts.

  • Leftover stirfry from last night.
  • half a mug of beer. mug = coffee mug. what?
  • 6 cheesies
  • a quarter of a chocolate cake (muffin sized)

I am on the verge of failing all day today. There is a bag of cheesies over there that I plan on grazing on all afternoon. Also, I will have some wine at the meeting. You can just shut your face.

Afternoon munching consisted of chips cheesies wine and crackers. AAAND some chocolate covered almonds. FFHUUUUHHH.

Now I just boiled some artichokes and i cant wait to eat them. MMMMMMM.

But I did deny some ribs and fries for dinner. GO ME!

I ate the giant artichoke with some home made vinaigrette. It was yummy, but not necessary.

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