Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday April 26

I have no special intro today..
oh wait, how's this... Let's just always assume that I have a coffee with cream and sugar with my breakfast, that way I don't have to say it every day, yes?
Ok, onwards..


  • scrambled eggs (2 egg whites, 1 yolk) bit of goat cheese
  • one rice cake and half a small avocado smooshed on w/lemon juice on it. S&P

    Morning snack:
    • the other half of the avocado with some lemon juice, S&P

      • taco salad - with lean turkey meat, leftovers from last night.
      • 2 SMALL cadbury caramilk eggs. whaddayawant from meeeeeeeee!

        Afternoon Snack:
        • 1 crappy orange
        • a bite of my friend's corned beef sandwich. It was really good.
        • 5 crackers. kinda like Ritz but more fancy.

        6pm BOOTCAMP 45 minutes, focused on legs/core.

        • protein smoothie - one banana/frozen strawberries/probiotic vanilla yogurt/water/whey protein powder
        • 6 rice crackers, some goat cheese and 2 pickles. Wait, 3 pickles. *munch munch*

        Now I am going to shower and maybe have some more food when I'm done.

        peace out

        I'm back. Turns out I had a rice cake with peanut butter, honey and some carob chips. Shoot me!

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