Monday, May 28, 2012


It's supposed to be super hot today. I don't care. Bring it. Fuck winter.

Sleep was ok, woke up a few times but I blame the pillows that were around me, getting in my way when I moved. Tonight, no pillow barriers.

2 scrambled eggs, spinach + avocado

At work:
4 hershey kisses, not needed. Just wanted.

I'm looking forward to crossfit. I just enjoy it and don't dread it. This validates my membership.

leftover burger patty, sweet potato, lettuce.

This week I don't have any evening commitments so I plan on rocking it at the gym. Maybe Friday I'll get crunk. Oh, and Saturday too. Damnit.

I thought I'd regret not running yesterday but it turns out I don't. I enjoyed my porch cocktail and beer at dinner. I'll just bust my ass tonight.

I'm getting a much needed manicure at lunch today. Think I'll get a nice bright springy colour. Can't wait! Tomorrow I get waxed, if it wasn't so inconvenient I'd be looking forward to that too. Waxing doesn't bother me. I'm over the complete humiliation that surrounds it. And being waxed in summer is ideal, I don't have to worry about the hair being there for like a month. Good times. Shorts, dresses, skirts and bathing suits. Come at me bro.

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