Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Fifths...

Of the way to the weekend. Let's go!

Slept well. It was needed. Woke up to a sunlit room (through curtains). Felt nice.

1 egg +  half avocado + kiwi fruit

1 pear + almond butter

I know I'm supposed to cut back on the fruit, but when I was a bit thinner, I didn't cut back on the fruit. And I didn't eat "paleo" - well I was a bit younger, but still. Moving forward, I'm going to do my best to not obsess over food and put that energy elsewhere-into working out and enjoying the summer. And I will not starve, I've tried that route before (in my younger more impressionable days) but I'm too old for that shit now. Plus I like it when some things still jiggle.

leftover sausage + spinach salad

I'm running home today. Brought my shit.

Banana + almond butter

Ran home : 5.3km. It was kind of tough, I don't know if it was the backpack or if it was uphill.

sausage + broccoli  (i'm all over sausage these days even though pork sausage gives me gas) need to switch to beef.

Rooibos tea before bed

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