Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hum deez

Sleep was mediocre. Woke up a few times.. not sure why. I think I was tangled in the sheets.

protein smoothie: banana + blueberries + almond milk + protein

At work:

Lunch is..
1 sausage, 2 squares of pizzaiolo, salad. the pizza was good.

kiwi, tomato 1/2 avocado

I had a few kisses, starburst and a patty. what. I'm actually apparently pms-ing, and I haven't had mega cravings. I wasn't even craving those sweets today, I just felt like eating them. Although I could have gone for a second pep patty.

pre workout:
almonds and olives.

when I got home it was just after 6pm. I stood in the living room looking at the clock. Then it hit me.. I had an appointment at the gym to get re-measured!! So I got ready and headed over. Good things I remembered, that would have been a dick move.

So, Summer checked my body fat % and weighed me. My weight hasn't changed. In fact, I think it's gone up a few pounds. Doesn't bother me too much because my fat % has dropped by 4%!! Which is great! It means what I'm doing is working. And I'm not overly deprived of anything. I still treat myself and I don't stress as much. New goal: drop 4% more :) Here is an "ideal body fat" chart. Looks like I'm in a good zone. This makes me happy because I have truly been trying.. through food and fitness. Naturally skinny people don't know what it's like TRYING to be thinner or lose weight. They have no idea the struggle. How we always have to think before we choose food. Think before we decide to laze on the couch all weekend. It's not easy. It's all about my genetic makeup. My family isn't athletic, slim, tiny...So I am going against the grain here by busting my ass and watching my food. And how that things are happening, I am friggin happy. Like I said before, I don't want to be a waif, I just want to be more solid. It is happening... in time. I doubt I will ever be actually solid. I am a 'softbody' as Jamie likes to tell me. Soft. He doesn't mean soft like a big fat jelly ass, I am just powdery soft like a marshmallow hahaha...


Workout was great, kicked my ass. My fave part was dropping a 20lb dumbbell on my toe.

Baked almond crusted salmon / spinach salad / carrots / smoked cheddar

I had sausage still but I thought I should cut back on those fatty little bastards. They're good.. but you know when things are really good.. they are probably friggin fatty.

Now I will chill and attempt to watch Corrie online. It keeps lagging.

Peace out homies, looking forward to seeing the old crew domani. Hi Char!

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