Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sleep was not good. It might have something to do with what I ate last night or it might have something to do with all that's on my mind. Family stuff, upsetting stuff that I am trying to block out.

2 egg omelet w/spinach and goat cheese.

At work:
Apple w/almond butter @11am.

Lunch will be purchased. What though? I need to keep it healthy cuz Jamie and I are grabbing dinner before the movie tonight.. and It may or may not be Indian.

Tuna salad from Fusaro's. Good shit. Might hit that up again today. Their salads are fantastic.

Afternoon snack:
Lara bar.

2 MC67s Sublime.

Dinner @ 8.30 at Insomnia - waited a friggin hour for our food. NOT impressed.
Chicken sandwich - it was open faced, roasted chicken, avocado, brie. OMG. so good.
sweet potato fries and a few bites of salad. Backwards I know but I wasn't feeling the salad.

1 dry gin martini with a twist.
0.5 dirty vodka martini - it was on the house cuz of our long ass wait. whatever.

Saw "Indie Games The Movie" at Hot Docs. It was ok... I didn't get most of the jokes the audience of nerdbombers got. Just kidding! about the nerd part. Also, why are game developers so... not hygienic? They don't seem to bathe or groom themselves. It's weird. Like, one guy's nails looked like he was friggin gardening all day but he sits at a computer! wtf. gross. And their beards are all frazzled and out of control. I realize their image isn't a priority to them because all they do is design and program games.. but still. I dunno.

I chewed too much gum last night and my mouth tasted gross all through the night. NO MORE GUM.

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