Wednesday, May 9, 2012

slept a bit better

but i had some trouble falling asleep. I was thinking about work stuff.

One of my tricks that helps me ease my mind and sleep is thinking about working out. If I think about weight lifting somehow it calms my brain. Probably because of its repetition. I also like to think about Christmas time when I was little. I think about how I felt at that time and what it felt like to be a kid waiting in bed Christmas eve. I find it very calming. It was a peaceful time of my life, only full of fond memories.

1 apple, almond butter. I really don't like that AB, and I keep saying it. I don't know what they did to the recipe. I have to make my own

At work:
coffee, walnuts and dates - apple for breakfast is not filling at all.

pep pattty - small

Squash and meat sauce

2 pieces dark chocolate.

Later I will have my deli meat and my avocado so I'm not starving for dinner.

Crossfit at 7 unless I can scoot outta here right at 5.


few pieces salami, 4 olives, 3 lavashe.

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