Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Adams

Apparently the Wednesday Adams look is in style this season. Whatever that means. It's not literal because bitches wouldn't have the balls to properly dress like Wednesday. They mean "harsh centre parts" in their hair, dark lipstick... oooohhhhh you H&M regulars are SO EDGY!! Make sure you buy that jacket Pinterest says is so cool and pose pigeon-toed for the camera. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry, I'm becoming a bitter old person. Or maybe I just see through everyone.

Chris Kirpatrick is on BT - he is a chubby dad now. Good luck in the dance studio. OMG bitch.

Sleep was good actually. MA sent me a text that she was going to Soho house. I was jealous because in my cab ride home from work the other night we passed by it and I went on about how I needed to be in there at some point. I need to make rich friends. Get away from me, poor people!!! That bag is so common. Where did you get those boots, Zellers!? haha kidding of course. Kinda. Just about the clothing.

Chia pudding - I put a lot of cocoa powder. Added some protein powder, froz blueberries and coconut buttah. Tastey.

mixed nuts

Gonna buy lunch today - a salad probs, cuz I'd rather eat my leftovers for dinner. WAIT. I have soup still. Score.

Hump day. This week was mega crabby, I was very irritable, but maybe I'm over it. We'll see how today goes. I managed to sleep so that could help.

big salad from Freshii
chicken/freshii mix/beets/dates/sprouts/tomatoes/roasted red peppers/broccoli/sun dried tomatoes.. balsamic dressing. avocado. I load up on those free vegetables and their balsamic is good.

pistachios, an apple

CROSSFIT kicked my ass. completely.

chicken snausage / carrots / cauli soup

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