Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sleep was not long enough.

omelet w/leftover bbq vegetables


From Fresh n Wild: 1 chicken breast, broccoli/bacon/onion salad. Had light mayo dressing on it. Yums.

Pistachios AGAIN.

Oops, a few chips. I wanted crunch! Don't tell me to eat carrots for crunch!

What do people snack on if its not nuts? Too many nuts aren't good but am I expected to have vegetables at my desk all the time? ew. Sometimes I want dry crunchy stuff.

My body is sore from last night's workout. The squats, the burpees and ball slams. It feels good to feel the pain again, too often I don't feel it.

Had a coconut chocolate healthy whatever bar. It was good. Too many calories though. We won't mention it again.

Crossfit /  did some shoulder presses and a metcon that involved burpees, kettlebell swings, box jumps and push ups. Wasn't as bad as yesterday, probably because it's less hot. It's fall tomorrow again, by the way. I'm ok with it, I'll wear socks and good ol' leathy. :)

K, I made spaghetti squash and meat sauce, but it was ready too late so I just had a protein smoothie (powder/banana/strawberry/almond-coconut milk/vanilla) and some cauli soup. It was a no teeth-puree kinda night. Not for dieting reasons, more for convenience. I had a few large spoonfuls of the meat sauce though, once it was done. And it was GOOOD.

Then I had a bath. Bath season is back.


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