Saturday, September 14, 2013

It was the blurst of times

Fine. I'm in fall mode. I want to bake things, make things, cook things, roast things, crochet things, sit on things, drink things and watch things. I want to go to the suburbs on the weekend and smell the fresh air and feel nostalgic feelings. I want to walk into my parents house and smell the roast cooking and maybe sit on the porch with a glass of wine. I love fall, you love fall, we all love fall because it brings back good memories. Well, I hope it brings back good memories for you. It means new beginnings, it means endings, it's a season of change. As much as you all "hated" school, it was an exciting time of year nonetheless. New friends, new classes, new clothes and school gear. All awesome things. I hope you experienced these types of things, and if you haven't, well, I'm sorry.

I love remembering hanging out with my friends September and October nights. We all lived within 5 minutes walk from each other so it only took a phone call to arrange a hangout. Or I'd just hop on my bike and ride over to Stillwater Cres. and see if my peeps were chilling by the green box or outside Christina's house. If they weren't there, I'd check the schools. We'd hang there too. We had a crew, 4 or 5 of us in our grade, and a few that were a year younger. We were an awesome crew of good people. I'll name them off for my own enjoyment:

Darrin would make an appearance on his bike every now and then. High on something. He's married to Christina now and they have 4 kids. Christina had such a crush on that bad ass!
Lisa sometimes
"Pun" (like big pun - he was a big guy)
Kathleen sometimes
Kevin and his stoner older brother
Tyson sometimes

Those were great times. This is around grade 10 I'd say. The crew switched the following year, but that's the natural circle of life.

Damn I wish I had more photos of those times. Christina used to work at the local Harveys, we'd go there late for free things. Julie used to work at Hy & Zels. We won't get into those free things. (*cough* makeup *cough).

We'd get English toffee coffees from Country Style, or french vanillas because EW COFFEE. In the summer or on the weekends we'd hook up when it got dark and rollerblade downtown Brampton to "Gotham" (a car parking garage with many levels) we'd blade up to the top, hang out and blade down the ramps. It was called Gotham cuz apparently when you looked over Brampton from the top it looked like Gotham. No it didn't. Also there was a homeless man who slept in the stairway. We offered him a sandwich once.

I have lots of great autumn memories, I could go on. But I'll save them for future posts. Now it's movie time - another great fall past time.


Sleep was quite nice actually. Since I've had no aclohol at all this week, I didn't have a fucked up sleep at all last night. sure I woke up once and looked for my shirt on the floor beside me but that's it.

leftover meat/squash

Went to CF, squatted, deadlifted and did some ab shizz.

Ate some healthy things in the afternoon and had Portuguese chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Now, Insidious. Why not. Fall mode.

Smoothie post-workout

Portuguese BBQ chicken w/potatoes. Amaze.

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