Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 2: Challenge

So far so good. I've only managed to cheat by having some cassava chips also some regular potato chips on friday. What. I'm still clean on the booze-front though! and THAT is the toughest.

chia pudding w/blueberries/coconut/maple syrup

Yes, I'm not going hardcore this time. Relaxed, healthy approach to "clean eating". Maple syrup is from a tree for fucks sake. Fuck off with that mess. Obv I'm not gonna eat a cup of it, but a drizzle fo shizzle. I'm not dealing with the "quitting sugar withdrawal" this time. THIS time around I'm doing a more realistic, livable approach to eating real foods. Something I can maintain over winter.

shep pie
snack: pistachios

Later, a gross dry peach.

Pre: CF
Banana bread

CF - did not set any PRs. :(

Salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach, bacon.

Went to my first wine class. I was so excited when I got to the building and could smell the wine down the hall. Aww yeah I was in the right place. The lab is set up kinda like a chemistry lab, but with white counters – not black, and a it's all a little more dainty. We each had 3 classes of red wine in waiting for us - not full glasses, like 2 sips each, and our own little sinks. (we had two more glasses with whites in them later) The instructor is a baller in the wine game, he is older with a big moustache and decent sized nose - not a big shnozzz or anything, but decent. it's needed :). He is definitely a "Wine Doctor" and he has published books and written many things about wine. He's traveled and I'm guessing he is a Master Sommelier - clearly a dream come true. Sure! I'd love to go to French/Italian/Argentinian vineyards, get paid and taste things. It was exciting hearing him talk about food pairing, he got really passionate about the foods he was picturing: "I'd make some BBQ pork ribs with this, a reduction with (this wine) and diana sauce, serve it with little roast potatoes.." He was speaking my language. He has a full friggin directory of recipes, tastes and smells in his head. I'm gonna work on building my own mental library f'sho. He spoke about wine production and methods, some I knew from our trip to Bordeaux, but a lot I didn't. I'm so excited to know everything. I've already learnt so much just from the tasting portion - everyone's favourite part. There is a technique, a method, a science to it all. And it's so fun. People who aren't into wine would never know that there is actually an art and science behind it all. I love it. I assumed I'd be amazing at it, and identifiying the smells, but I was like.. "I don't know what I'm smelling. This one smells like Christmas." So I'm learning to identify the different "notes", "aromas" and "bouquets" in wines. You are supposed to guess what part of the world each wine is from. And people were right! WTF I know nothing obviously. Yet. Also I was secretly thinking, "fuck off with your previous wine knowledge". There is a blind test at the end. Excited. I might practice spitting next week though, since I'm not supposed to be drinking. Oh, did I mention our homework is.. wait for it.. TASTING WINE. Ideally what we had in class and practice pairing it with the foods we mentioned. AWESOME. Why didn't I take this instead of Graphic Design? What was I thinking?!! Anyway, I've learned a lot and I'm paying attention. This is a good thing because lots of classes I have problems staying present. Go Jesus Juice!!

So, I drank about one glass of wine total. Not bad. It's just wine, people. It's paleo. :)

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