Friday, September 13, 2013


It's fall today. Fall mode in full effect - I even have a hipster saggy toque on.

2 protein pancakes. Not explaining.

pistachios / americano

spaghetti squash / meat sauce

same as lunch - I made a plan to eat it, in order to avoid eating anything at the Jays game. I knew I'd get hungry and want Doritos (still did) and/or a hotdog (obv wanted anyway) but of course it would have been a big mistake. I had a decaf coffee instead. It's different being in the clear headed mindset. I saw a lady walk by me while i was waiting and she was drinking a coffee, that made me want a coffee. If I weren't on a challenge I would have definitely been drinking. I woulda sat at a bar nearby and had a cocktail on my own. Don't even care.

I did have a sip of beer though. It was so good! Stadium beer tastes better. It just does. The bubbles are smaller. But the prices are atrocious. 10.50 for a cup of beer. Fuuuuuck yoooooou.

But since I ate so early - 5pm - I was hungry by like 11pm and I had the last of the cauli soup. Note to self: cauliflower soup gives you gas. Maybe it was the onion in it. I dunno I'll have to make it sans onion next time.

That was Friday the 13th - an unlucky one in the sense that work things happened and put a slight wrench in my clear weekend.

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