Friday, April 27, 2012

May is coming

Next week it's May. And the weather will get warmer and warmer. Fuck this stupid coldness in it's ath hole.

And my running home will begin as soon as this wretched weather ends. I'm srs.


apple, almond butter, coffee

I'm distracted right now, Fight Club is on and Ed Norton is hot. God, he looks about 28 in this. That's younger than me. Edward Nortan has never looked younger than me. (and mister Pitt is obv in his peak hotness in this movie. even his body is incredible. sorry.)

ok snack...what did I have??.. oh yeah. Jamie made an omelet this morning with sausage in it. But I decided to bring it for lunch. I had half as a snack since apples skip my stomach when I have them for breakfast or any time for that matter.

Then I had coffee with my coworker friend at Little Nickys. We shared 6 little delicious fresh donuts. Whatever. They were awesome.

Eventually I had the other half of my omelet - which in total was only 2 eggs today. I love eggs.

Pep Patty. Friggin snacks.

Then, Friday meeting styles, I had some chocolates from England. Always better from England. And some chips. I am so out of control this week. I didn't have any booze though cuz I wanted to go to crossfit. Which I did! And I learned how to properly bench press. I managed 3x5 @ 60lb. Not bad. I guess I am able to bench heavier.. just not 5 reps. I love weight lifting. And of course the group "Metcon" kicked my ass. It was great.

Protein smoothie after and 3 chicken wings.

My friends came over and I had 2 cocktails - gin and lemonata. We also ate some popcorn. Buttered.

Now I am waiting to hear that she got home ok so I can go to bed!!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll try and get back into my mishkebob blog, with photos and stuff. Less about my eating habits and complaining and more about other junk.

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