Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday + Wed + Thurs = Friday

Sleep was bad again. I'm having trouble falling asleep these days. Need to clear my head better. Get back into the occasional night of hot yoga before it gets hot out ya nameen.

Woke up tired. And dreaming of Jamaica and the Queen of England. Long story, I won't even bother you with it. You're welcome.

Protein smoothie: frozen blueberries and raspberries, coconut milk (tetra), water, cocoa powder and vanilla. All smoothies need bananas. I opted out as I am reducing my sugar intake. See if that helps my sleep.

Snack at work:
small piece of mama Narine's traditional Easter sweetbread. It's off my list, but I'll just treat that as my 20% of non-paleo styles for the day. Not freaking out about it. I figure if I keep my naughty foods in the am, I'm good. It was delicious by the way. Very much like panettone bread.. which I devour when it is near me.

leftover sausage, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Roasted. So good. Roasting snausages among veggies always turns out awesome. The fat and flavours from the sausage... mmmmmmm. Crispy bits of onion and sweet potato.. best.

Tonight I crossfit for sure. This sickness is like 10% present. I have a slight cough and my throat feels funny. Bit more tired than normal. Let's hope it is at its peak right now.

Afternoon snack:
Cucumber slices. Did I have anything else? Tea. Herbal. I avoided ketchup chips like the plague because I have no self control around those bad boys.

Crossfit. That was my last class of the 15 pack I bought. Time to get my shit together and get a 6 month package. Gettin huuuuge! In a sexy lady like kinda way of course. ;) GOAL: WORK OUT IN THE MORNINGS. CHAAA right.

Spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Had beef and sausage in it. So good!!

I was feeling headachey.. i know it might have been lack of sugar/carbs or something. I remember that feeling. I didn't wanna deal with it so I had a rice cake with almond butter, honey and chocolate chips. I felt better after. Had trouble sleeping again. Fuck, what the hell!!

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  1. Narine's bread sounds a lot like (ie. exactly the same as) our Bulgarian Easter bread. YUM!!!