Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bad bad sleep. well, not so much bad, but went to bad late. so wired last night.

Brace yourselves kids, today was a really really naughty day.

omelet with peppers and blue cheese

Dark chocolate (85%) and tea. Like, regular tea with milk and sugar. I am day 1 period and crampy and tea is just lovely on these days. Gramma styles tea. Comforting. Also black coffee.

Lunch at Shoeless Joes.
Steak on salad w/goat cheese and balsamic. Meh.

the rest of that friggin chocolate bar. you know, the large Lindt ones you buy at Shoppers. yeah. I am an animal.

I then proceeded to NOT go to Crossfit due to my tiredness/laziness. More so tired. I can be lazy but still get over it and go. But when really tired, I skip the workout. MA and I will go Friday.

Dinner.... here is where it gets ugly. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza. I had.. wait for it.. 3 slices. Oh and 2 beers. Oh and 3 chicken wings. Yep, and some caesar salad. And you know what, I want more pizza. See what happens when I get a taste of bread? I go nuts.

I can't buy chocolate bars anymore. Narine, I need your support on this! I never order pizza so I don't need anyone's support in that regard. I'm over pizza for now.

I'm excited to use my little running backpack. As soon as the weather is nicer, it's happening. Maybe next week even. My plan:
go to work as per usual. Bring my running shoes/clothes. Change at work before going home, put my little backpack on with my wallet/keys/phone/necessities and head home. Get off at a subway stop AT LEAST 5km from my house. Run the rest of the way home. It's happening. This way, my workout is done by the time I get home! Win Win.

I'll let you know the moment it actually happens. Tonight I tried on a running outfit with a hat and my backpack. I look like a sporty adult. It's an interesting look for me. One day I'll photograph it for you..



  1. it!

    And what eves...sometimes you need a good dose of sugar and carbs! Life is short, ma frieeeend...

  2. indeedy! we'll ball slam it out tonight :)