Thursday, April 26, 2012


Protein Smoothie - from now on I will just say Smoothie, assume it has protein in it.


Apple w/ab

Beef and half a sweet potato

Pep Patty

Went to Workroom for duffle bag class. I'm getting the hang of the sewing machine now so I don't hate it as much. I think I could make another bag, the steps are pretty simple so far.

Ate some Live Organic Almond butter cocoa things. Made with Almond butter, coconut butter... blabla. Sweet and fattening probably. Also ate a bag of my fave pumpkin chips.

JAMIE AND I almost went for a drink but said fuckit and went home.

Then we booked our flights for Euro 2012! Normandy and Edinburgh here we come!!

Getting to Normandy will be a bit of a hike. We are landing in Paris at 2:55pm (after a stopeover in London) then heading to our cottage in Normandy which is
A) a 4 hour drive from Paris during rush hour - YUCK and OMG French drivers are crazy.
B) a 2 hour train ride + 1hr (or half hour depending on whether we go to Caen or Bayeux) car ride to the cottage. So... That might be the way to go. Only, we can't secure a car until we find out the train schedules and we can't know the train schedules until at least 90 days prior to our travel dates. So, planning is on hold for a bit. Which sucks, I want it all done NAOW.

After a week in Normandy's countryside in the cutest little cottage we are taking the ferry from Caen (pronounced CAHN) to Portsmouth (UK), then taking a train from Portsmouth to Edinburgh. It will be a long day of traveling but it will be scenic and different and heck it's better than working. I don't mind. I like taking the train and it will be an experience going across the English Channel for the first time. Yay trips! Boats! Food! Wine! NO WORK! Europe. I'm thinking this will be our last splurge on a Euro vaca for a while. Next year we'll hit up the East coast of Canada.

My biggest concern is potentially driving on our first day in France in the dark. On country roads. In randomville. after over 12 hours of traveling. eep!

We may have to drive stick, let's hope it doesn't come to this.

I need to learn more French, we won't be in Kansas anymore..

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