Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hum deez

Sleep was good.

1 meatball, sauteed spinach

3 lara balls. sigh. period is coming = neverending gut.

stuffed red pepper and kale. these are the best red peppers yo.

chocolate butter tart. :(

I'm gonna have some celery and almond butter now before my class.

Peace out.

Went to duffle bag class at workroom. I suck at sewing - need mega practice, and I get crabby and tired at these after work classes. And when I fuck up I get especially tired. And crabby.

I snacked on a Lara bar, some Sasha buckwheat treats (meh) and a choc chip cookie. Naughty naughty. Sugar. At home I had a few lavashe crackers and a protein drink before bed.

*       *        *


Sleep was ok. I had a nightmare and I was screaming in my sleep. Jamie woke me up out of it.

protein/fruit smoothie. coffee.

at work:
half an avocado. grande bold.

lightly breaded and fried filet of sole with salad from Fusaro's. It was great. Bunch of olives.

apple and almond butter, I bought a jar to keep at work.
2 starburst. Havent had those since before the challenge!

few lavashe cracker bits.

ran 4.8km. no iphone/music. It was nice, being with my own thoughts. Beautiful night for it. I must admit, it was the burpees in today's workout that kind of made me prefer a run. Plus the weather :)

Chicken, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Half a Warsteiner.

Tea and chill time now.


Narine: Sase of sharing.

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