Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring week

Spring "starts" this week. You wouldn't know it though.

Weekend summary:
Friday went to crossfit at night and had a salad with salmon after

Went for a 5k run
Ate eggs after
Made amazing lettuce shell tacos

Went to cousins, ate a lot of food - not all crap, just large amounts - and drank

breakfast was leftover taco meat
rice crackers, sour cream was eaten

Ran 5k  -37min. Gonna try and bring it to 30.

Fish tacos. I used frozen haddock fillets (not fishy at all), baked them first then fried them with red peppers / ginger etc. I was inspired by Gordon Ramsay making tacos saturday morning. Fucking love cooking shows, inspiration city.
Again, lettuce as the shell. Such a great idea! Man it was good. Simple too.

Fucking Monday again.

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