Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well clearly I've been absent. And getting fat because I weighed myself yesterday (bad idea?) and basically it's 10lbs higher than it was a few months ago. I know the scale isn't your friend, but it says something. There is no way I've gained 10lbs of muscle, and to add to that, my clothes don't fit well. I'm not comfortable at this weight and I hate my fat face. Yes all I see is a fat face and thunder thighs. SO, that being said, Whole 30 has begun today. Fuck this shit, I have 10 weeks until my vacation and I am NOT going to feel uncomfortable in whispy, light dresses or in a bathing suit. In the heat, I wear minimal things. But I can only do this when I'm not a fatty like I am now. I have no one to blame but myself for slipping on the diet front. I've eaten too many treats, croissants and drank too much alcohol this past little while. It's not continuing.

Went to crossfit this morning. Did some shoulder presses @72# and speed deadlifts @ 115#.
Exercised a bit on the GHD thing and then rowed 1000m for time. I did it in 4:11:07. Not bad.

2 poached eggs, smoked salmon/sweet potato hash. VERY good. I fucking love eggs. All different ways.

Got groceries. Making rogan josh tonight with cauli something or other.

I said I'd bring a dessert to my brother's Easter dinner tomorrow - oh yeah good luck to me on making good choices with all that food around. I'm sticking to it, man. I'm making the decadent chocolate cake from one of my Paleo Comfort Foods. It looks delicious I was asked to make a gluten free dessert ok? I'm not being selfish here.

I plan on slicing some fresh strawberries on it. It'll be awesome. Here is a pic from the internet of someone's successful attempt:

And, that's all I got. Oh yeah I just came back from a 6k run. That's right, I exercised twice today. Clearly I'm desperate to lose this fat. I stayed in my gym clothes all day so that I would go out running this afternoon. It worked, but now I stink and need a bath. See yuuuh.

Easter update:

I didn't stick to it like I said. I had two small glasses of red wine. 
Def ate dessert and some g-free crackers, cheese.

At least the desserts were all g-free. But not paleo. Whole 30 begins MONDAY. Narine I had a dream you had lots of chocolate treats and I was mad and told you that you were a bad influence lulz.

I didn't overdo it at the fam jam like I normally do, so that's a good thing.

My cake turned out great. It was a little bitter, I used 70-85% dark choc bars plus unsweetened bakers chocolate. Next time I'll use all 70% chocolate or mix in some less %s. The texture was dense and rich. Tasted great with the sliced strawberries on top. Might try it with salted caramel or something. The leftovers are in the freezer for another time, when we reach out weight goals.

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