Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday feels like Thursday

Thanks to two nights being late at work, Wednesday feels like Thursday. FUCK. There really is nothing worse (regarding late nights) than late nights on Mon/Tues. It fucking ruins and slows the week so bad. I haven't worked out, I have some personal records to set this week and I feel like my lack of sleep will affect it. :(

Speaking of lack of sleep, my 4 hours was aweseome. Full of anxiety and jitters. Go life.


roast beef, avocado, red pepper

salmon, arugula, red pepper, walnuts, avo/lemon juice dressing

roast beef


D 8pm
Salmon + veg stir fry, 1 egg


roast beef, egg, avocado

ROAST BEEF, veg stirfry

I'm sleep deprived, going through sugar withdrawal so I'm emotional, I have no patience and I just wanna cry. I desperately need to exercise, for my sanity and to help me sleep.

The good news is the scale reads 5 lbs less than Friday. I realize this is water retention but still, it's motivation. Sometimes the scale is motivating but I don't wanna be a slave to it. However, if the batteries hadn't been dead for ages maybe I wouldn't have put on so many pounds.

Few spoons almond butter. Damn.

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