Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 week 10k countdown

It has begun. I have less than 4 weeks now to build up my endurance to run a 10k, ideally without breaks. My longest run so far has been 6.72km. This weekend will be a full 7k. What I've learned from reading training books, you build up to 10k without actually running the full 10k til race day. So, I have my schedule all written up for the next few weeks. It looks something like this (CF = crossfit, X = rest days)

Week 1:  M: 6.72k  /  T: CF  / W: 6k  / Th: X  /  F: X  / Sat: CF  / Sun:  7k

Week 2:  M: CF  /  T: 7k  /  W: CF  /   Th: X  / Fr: X  /  Sat: CF  /  Sun : 8k

I shift things around depending on what the forecast is, because I can swap CF/run days based on rain. But I need to keep my running at 4x/wk. with CF in between and rest days.

Fuck rain! But please feed my plants :)

Sleep was ok, I had trouble falling asleep which is weird since I ran.

Jamie was off so he made a lovely steak dinner with veggies and a nice bottle of Bordeaux. I know I'm supposed to be off the Jesus juice but come on, it's Jesus juice!!

I had treats this weekend, and ate a crappy meal at Jack Astors. Note to self: don't go to Jack Astors for anything other than the buffalo chicken wings and fries. Period.

I made a little orange loaf cake for my mom, and she made a vanilla cake. No regrets.


2 eggs, pumpkin, coconut flakes, strawberries, cashews, bit of almond flour, cinnamon + spices, honey.

Snack at work:
apple + almond butter. Don't buy this, self!

Leftover steak + veg + avocado

Lara bar + snow peas

i need to not snack at work. at all.

At home:
Cashews + 1 date

Crossfit. Hard.

small can garlic/hot pepper tuna + quinoa
kale - baked with chipotle pepper + chilli powder. OMG, i'm eating the entire bunch.

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