Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where was i?

I don't feel like recalling all that I ate yesterday. It was average, I also ran 5.82km. I was aiming for 7km but I truly wasn't feeling it. I had low energy. I thought that by eating that sweet potato at 4pm would give me a carb energy jolt. It did the opposite. Noted.

Made cauli pizza inspired by Narine. It was really good and we ate 3 pieces each. Also had a glass of wine and some cadbury chocolate. Whoops. It fucked up my sleep, not good.


Breakfast Smoothie:
1/2 banana, blueberries, raspberries, coconut milk, protein pwd and kale. The kale was meh. kinda made it taste "green". But I needed to use it up.

At work:
the other half of my banana + 1 hard boiled egg. I can't do smoothies for breakfast, I never learn. Tomorrow I'm eating a proper meal. Eggs. Eggs and cauli pizza.

1 red pepper, eggplant strata

2 mini cupcakes. I only regret it because the sugar fucked my mood. I was ok eating the calories. It was the effects of the sugar I didn't dig.

I worked a bit late, I wasn't prepared food-wise. I ate a small bowl of chips because I was ravenous and hangry.

Also ate an apple and another egg. I was super hungry today and none of my meals sufficed.

At home, eggplant strata AGAIN, quinoa and kale chips.

rice cake + pb + honey + coconut.

I calculated my calories, I've consumed about 2000. Wow. Apparently that is still less than I require. So crazy.


It's been about a week since I had my fuck paleo epiphany. And you know what? I don't know how I feel about it. I mean, yes, I am more relaxed and not kicking my own ass for "cheats" but at the same time, I just feel better eating clean. I like not being bloated. I literally felt like garbage AFTER I ate that cupcake. I know how my body reacts to things. And I like being part of a healthy lifestyle. I want to fuel my body for the day, for my workouts, for my sleeps. And it's kind of fun focusing on healthy foods. Just not obsessing. Which is difficult, given my personality. I feel bloated and large, I am not ok with it. Granted my period is due any day now.. but still. I felt fat before this. Not just feel, I IS fat right now. Fat for my own standards and I'm beyond my comfort in regards to body composition. I'm annoying myself right now actually because I won't shut up about it.

The thing is, it's been a long time since I've learnt this way of eating, and I've become accustom to it. My meals are meat + veg. I like having a full high protein breakfast, it keeps me full for longer. I don't know if I wanna stray from that. It might just be the fat/protein/carb ration that did it. Perhaps I was just off. I'm still figuring it out. I have 8 weeks until vacation. Plenty of time to clean up my act without killing myself.


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