Friday, April 5, 2013

Thurs Fri

Let's see

I worked late again Wednesday night, we had Fresh for dinner. Italian raw bowl. One of the only tasty things on their menu that is paleo. Minus the meat part of paleo because Fresh is vegetarian/vegan.

I snacked on some nuts too that day. Too much nuts.


My sleep was better but I'm not going to bed early enough. Work was to blame for this but even in general. Gotta get on that. It'll be harder come summer.

I have lots of things going through my head at the moment: work / crossfit / health / and a trip to France which is happening/planned. In the stages of planning. We have our flights booked and accomodations sort of taken care of. Car reserved. Hopefully it'll be a relaxing vacation. Wish we could take 3 weeks in a row. This summer will be an expensive one with weddings and travel. Fucking weddings, man. I enjoy weddings, just not the forced events leading up to them. I don't like Jack and Jills and I truly never want to attend one ever again. I'm going to a bachelorette at a cottage which I think is a bit steep in regards to $$$ but fuck. Hoping it'll be fun though.

I verbally ranted with Narine just now about wedding things so my need to write it has passed.

Where was I.. Thursday. yes.

paleo banana/protein pancakes with berries.

Tuna salad from Fusaro's. Had a bocconcini ball in it. Not paleo, not caring.

Apple + almond butter.

Pre workout:
banana pancake w/butter

PR 150# backsquat 1RM
PR 77# shoulder press 1RM

I feel I could have gone heavier but I'm a bit sick right now. So my body isn't 100%.

Tilapia + stir fry broccoli / cauli / garlic / mushroom + bit of soy sauce/sesame oil/ginger
Soy sauce not paleo but not losing sleep over it.



Sleep wasn't great, like I said before, I'm a bit sick.

Not too hungry, had a banana/berry/coconut milk/protein smoothie

I don't record all the coffee I have during the day. On average I have some at breakfast and one or two at work before noon.

leftover tilapia/veg

I'd like to add that I'm proud of two people in my life.
1. Jamie for getting into walking. He's been walking 4km to work each morning for the past two weeks (only missing a few days due to lateness. It happens). That's really great and I'm happy he enjoys it and feels good about it. Maybe we can go for walks on the weekends.

2. My mom. She told me she's lost 25# since her last doc check up. That makes me happy and proud and I think it motivates her to get more healthy. And I'm there if she needs any help.

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