Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eat the food

Yesterday at our family party I ate everything. Pick something, anything, I probably ate it. And drank some.

Sleep was kind of shit because I was gassy and full. Ain't nothin free, homie. Granted I shouldn't have had the pizza, pasta, bread, cupcakes, regular cake, ice cream cake,,, see? I wasn't exaggerating. But damn was it good. Ice cream cake?. Are you kidding? I fucking LOVE ICE CREAM CAKE. I'm a bit disgusted with myself but on the bright side, I had a nice fresh fruity breakfast today and completed a 7km run no problem. I could have ran farther. Further? Next week, 8k nbd.

Clean mind, clean food, carbs, no stress. Week 1 of new approach has begun. Today we feast at brothers for mothers bday round 2. Bring it.

I suggest you read gokaleo blog. It's wonderful, positive and doesn't shame you into calorie restriction. Also check this out. If you must count calories, use this calculator. You'd be surprise at how many calories your body actually requires, good to know healthy doesn't mean hungry.


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