Saturday, April 27, 2013


Period has arrived, late and with a vengeance. This explains some of my bloating this week. Had bad cramps in the night though.

We're doing a fitness - nutrition challenge at work. For the month of May. the rules aren't clear yet, but one of them is working out 6 days a week, which, once I realized that, is too much. I think it should be minimum 4 days, you need rest days when exercising. We all know what happens when you over exercise. you put stress on your body, increase cortisol and put on weight. Fat. Lost muscle. All of which we don't want. I'm gona push this at our meeting Monday. If you wanna work out 6 days, go ahead, but we should put a realistic, healthy minimum as the requirement. OR, I just won't participate. :) I don't need extra pressures about fitness and diet.

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