Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday of new life

On my way to freedom. I had a good day Friday. I cant say that I didn't stress over food at all,m or go to my calorie counter at any point, but I did let go and eat things I wouldn't normally eat on a paleo diet.

Breakfast was my banana, raspberry, coconut flake, flax,cashew cereal. I could have done without the cashews. Or not. It was delicious and refreshing.

At work I had a few handfuls of a trail mix which had m&ms in it. Plus candied nuts. Ok I know I shouldn't go wild on sugar but I also shouldn't stress about it.

Lunch was sushi with friends. It was delicious. I was definitely burping it later in the evening so maybe it's not that great after all. 

A work I had some cider, beer and treats. 

Went to crossfit, it was a mega squat day and today my legs hurt. I love that.

Had a sausage and veggies for dinner. Later had wine and popcorn! Mmmm.

However I was full all night, even going to bed. I don't like that feeling, I prefer going to bed a bit hungry.

Anyway, today we have my aunts bday. I will be eating great food and seeing my family. Nothing stressful about that!!

Tomorrow I will run 7km, just like I promised myself.

Is morning I had rice cakes, pb, coconut flakes , cinnamon and honey. Followed by a simple protein smoothie of frozen berries, chlorophyll, protein, coconut milk from a can (it was thick like cool whip so I put 3spoons of it) topped it off with water and cocoa powder. It wasn't delicious but it wasn't bad.

I'm going to get groceries soon. I will still be buying lots of veg and healthy meat. But I'm also buying quinoa and maybe even organic Greek yogurt.. Maybe. I don't know if I'm ready for rice pasta just yet.

That's it. 

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