Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Chickapay

Well May has been up and down in all aspects of life. But let's try and live day to day, shall we?

This week I've been killing it at the gym. If I go tonight and Saturday, that's 5 days at CrossFit this week. I fucking love that, and I feel great. Aside from the kink in my neck which I think is from sleeping weird on it.

Clothes don't fit me like they used to. It's a combo if my increase in muscle and fat of course. I'm small up top, but thicker down below. I don't have dumps like a truck or anything, but I do have thick legs and arse. It's not convenient for shopping at cheapy stores like HM. Ugh I need to get dresses for the weddings I have coming up. Stress.


Sleep was shyte. I get fucked up sleeps when I'm PMS-ing. For the record, PMS means PRE-menstrual syndrome. Not CURRENT menstrual syndrome.

banana/blueberry/hempheart/coconut/blabla cereal. Not filling enough

Trail mix snack

Leftover tilapia + asparagus + avocado.

can't wait! slow cooking some chicken mexican style. yerp.

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