Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday January 2, 2012

Baaaad sleep. Hopefully tonight is better. I've had much less caffeine today than I did yesterday.


  • 1 banana, natural peanut butter, cinnamon
  • coffee w/cream
  • couple of pistachios

12pm Crossfit:

A. RDL 4×8 @ 85lb rest 2mins
B1. DB Reverse Lunge Alternating 3×8 per side. @ 10lb/side Rest 45sec
B2. Pendlay Row 3×8 @ 55lb, rest 45sec
C. 5mins: 20 double unders, 5 push-ups OR double under practice.
D. Side Plank, 2×45-75sec, rest 45sec between sides

  • 16 shrimps from a shrimp ring, dipping sauce (bought myselft a mini shrimp ring and ate the entire thing since jme is allergic
  • 1 yellow tomato, balsamic, olive oil, s&p
  • almonds and dried apricots

  • home made soup: chicken, chorizo, white potato, sweet potato, collard greens, carrots etc.
  • croutons
  • soda water w splash OJ x2

  • popcorn
  • 1 baci chocolate
  • few almonds/apricots
Could totally eat more. Try and refrain.

I'd say I'm about under for caloric intake for the day.

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